Basic Black Jack Strategy

Many fans of gambling are really surprised by the fact that playing blackjack does not require to guess anything. This is a game that needs to be judged and thought out in every step.

In blackjack everything depends only on the player’s skills, not on a happy occasion, as in all other popular gambling games.

In essence, blackjack is a balance between player skills and his luck.

If you stick to a certain strategy, you will be able to raise your chances for victory, as well as minimize your chances for losing.

Now, let’s take a look on a basic strategy for Black Jack.

It should be noted that a lot of popular gambling games today do not have a basic game strategy. However, it is not surprising, because the main strategy can exist only in those cases when the opponent does not have the opportunity to take an accidental, spontaneous decision in relation to his hand. For example in poker you can not make any decision, not taking into account the closed cards of the deck, as well as the cards of the opponent.

But the opponent can make any decision, and you do not know if he or she really has a strong card. Thus, strategic decisions are based solely on the assumptions that the player has.

The basic strategy of playing blackjack can be applied for the reason that you are not playing against other players, but against the dealer. According to the rules of this game, the dealer always receives one card face down. He also follows strict rules – when you can take a card, when to stop. Theoretically, a player always has the ability to calculate what the dealer will do in certain situations.

The basic strategy is very simple and consists of that the player needs to make a decision based on the knowledge of his or her cards that were obtained as a result of the distribution, as well as one open dealer’s card. Everything is simple enough – you only need to determine what amount of points the dealer will collect in the distribution

The player have to make a decision based, as we said before, on his or her cards and the dealer’s open card. As you know, in a large deck of cards dealers are distributed evenly, therefore any card can fall out. The probability of the appearance of Tens or Pictures is 4:13, the remaining dealer’s cards will appear with a probability of 1:13.