How to make a player play?

The main guarantee for the success of any gambling establishment is the excitement of players. The hotter it is, the more profits the casino gets, because the longer the client is in the game, the higher the probability of losing it, and the statistics of the mathematical expectation of the game is more precise. Consider some of the secrets of online casinos that encourage players to continue playing.

Bonuses have a limited “shelf life” – a week, ten days, rarely more. The time limit should spur the player’s excitement and his desire to keep supposedly free bonus money.

Sometimes offered by institutions bonuses, especially personal ones, have rather low wager requirements, or do not have any restrictions at all. Such tempting offers encourage the player to open the casino site and start the game.

Gambling establishments simply adore the news of major winnings. The average person thinks about this: if an unremarkable chauffeur from Michigan could become a millionaire, then why not try it for me? To the delight of casino owners, many are tempted to join the ranks of lucky ones.

Gambling is causing the player the illusion of a close victory, which is not enough just a little bit: one dropped symbol in the video slot, just one card and so on. Actually, all the secrets of the casino are built on the fact that the player has confidence in the imminent and inevitable win.

This is also calculated jackpot counters, which tell how large a sum has already accumulated a slot machine. Well, how can you withhold a five-figure or six-figure sum and not try your luck?

As a rule, online casinos quickly withdraw wins on bank cards or payment systems, but the rules stipulate that they always have one to three days in stock. And all this time the money is on the player’s deposit, which is enough just to click the mouse to continue the game. Gambling establishments try to maximally push the player to succumb to the temptation and start the game, canceling the ordered withdrawal of funds. It is possible that the casino will offer a super-profitable bonus or other promotions.

How not to fall for the bait

Now that we know the main secrets of the casino, let’s ask ourselves: how to minimize your risks when playing? The first rule is as old as the world: keep a cold head and do not control your excitement. Set the limits of the game and strictly adhere to them. If you have a black streak, and you lost 100 euros, do not bet 101 in the hope of playing it out. Remember, the illusion of a quick victory is just an illusion.

Extremely carefully study the rules of the casino, especially if you are going to take bonuses. You should understand everything before you make a deposit. If you doubt in any of the items – do not hesitate to contact customer support. Having decided to try yourself in bonus chanting, remember that bonuses must be played out carefully and accurately, without getting carried away and not succumbing to excitement.